Best Vibrators Available on Amazon

Updated November 2019

Sometimes when you have an itch to scratch, only 2-day shipping will cut it. Next time you’re stocking up on your French pharmacy skincare products (shout-out to Avene Hydrance Optimale and Bioderma Sensibio), take an incognito-mode gander through their “personal massagers” — as you can imagine, they have a vast selection. Trouble choosing? We’ve reviewed the options and found your best bets.

Womanizer Pro40 Sensual Pleasure Enhancer, $99

8 intensity levels, bodysafe, rechargeable, waterproof, with patented PleasureAir tech

First up: the Womanizer Pro40 Sensual Pleasure Enhancer. We declared this toy winner in our oral simulator round-up for good reason: its patented PleasureAir tech can’t be beat. This innovative tech works by essentially suctioning your clit, using air rather than contact for stimulation – in the process, coming pretty close to mimicking oral sex. 

Because the Womanizer doesn’t rely on contact, it’s really gentle, as well – no risk of being overstimulated. As we noted in our oral simulator round-up, though, these vibrators do require precise placement to be effective, but the Womanizer’s shape and handle make this much easier to achieve. If you’re used to more traditional vibes, your first time with the Womanizer might be strange. Just relax: once you figure out placement, you’ll be surprised by how quickly — and intensely — your orgasm sneaks up on you. In fact, we’re willing to bet you’ll never look back.

Interested in a more traditional vibe? Wand vibrators are a classic, accessible option for those exclusively looking for external stimulation. There are tons to choose from in this category on Amazon, so we found the best luxe and budget options.

LELO Smart Wand, $168

8 vibration modes, bodysafe, rechargeable, waterproof, with SenseTouch tech and travel lock

If you’re up for splashing out on a wand vibrator, the LELO Smart Wand is the way to go: all LELO products are a perfect marriage of form and function. Their Smart Wand claims to be “more powerful than any other rechargeable massager on the market” and comes with the brand’s hallmark SenseTouch tech — meaning the vibrations’ intensity increases with contact on your body. Additionally, the Smart Wand comes with a travel lock, so there’s no risk of it accidentally going off in your luggage and causing an international incident. And with quiet vibrations, you can use this wand without worrying about others catching on – if you can keep you satisfaction to yourself, that is.

Kasai Aura Wand, $24

20 patterns, 8 speeds, bodysafe, rechargeable, waterproof

But maybe you’re just dipping your toe into the vibrator world and aren’t ready for a LELO investment. In that case, the Kasai Aura wand is a dependable best-seller. There are no bells-and-whistles here — no patented tech or travel locks — but it meets all our basic requirements: bodysafe, rechargeable, waterproof. This is a safe, reliable choice, and sometimes that’s more than enough.

Minna Life Ola Vibrator, $149

Bodysafe, rechargeable, waterproof, with Squeeze Control and Smart Memory

Minna Life’s Ola vibrator kicks things up a notch by allowing for both external and internal stimulation – though not at the same time. You can use this vibrator either on your clit or g-spot, and its curved handle makes targeting the latter a breeze. (Minna also claims the handle makes this toy great for couples.) Moreover, the Ola is equipped with some cool features: Squeeze Control and Smart Memory. Basically, the vibrator’s intensity increases the more you squeeze it, allowing for a seamless, natural build-up of pleasure, while the smart memory lets you record your vibration patterns for future use.

We-Vibe Nova Dual Stimulator, $149

10 modes, bodysafe, rechargeable, waterproof, ultra flexible

For both external and internal pleasure at the same time, look no further than the winner of our rabbit vibrators round-up. We-Vibe’s Nova Dual Stimulator ups the ante with its remarkable flexibility. Where most rabbits require a lot of contorting on your part or rely too much on some specious “one size fits all” approach, the Nova’s flexibility will work in concert with your body, rather than against it.

Kat Crookshanks