Best Vibrators for the Single Girl: Oral Simulators

Updated November 2019
What vibrators excite Tidy Kitten most? Oral simulators are gentle, effective, and smart. Whether you're single or just looking to spice up foreplay, these toys represent some of the coolest innovations in vibrator design.

Welcome to Advanced Vibrators: oral simulators are some of the most innovative toys on the market, using basically air to deliver intense pleasure. These vibrators rely on precise placement to really work, though, so we recommend them for women who’ve already gotten familiar with their bodies through more traditional vibes. When they do work? Oral simulators manage to be both gentle — there’s minimal contact between your body and the actual toy — and effective — multiple orgasms are frequently reported. The Womanizer Pro40 can be forgiven for its icky name on the strength of its patented PleasureAir stimulation tech and eight intensity levels. Its easy-to-hold handle makes the aforementioned precise placement easier, too. Although LELO’s Ora 2 won the Cannes Lion Award for product design, we’ve named it Runner-up precisely because its shape is a little more unwieldy. If you’re nimble, though, you’ll enjoy LELO’s hallmark beauty and power. The Satisfyer Pro2 delivers on all fronts — it’s easy to use, cute, and under $50.

Kat Crookshanks